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Why pay for a scheduling app when you can get a top of the line app for FREE?!?  We can’t think of one good reason other than change is hard to implement.  We get it!  We have had a hard time changing paper towel dispensers at our locations.  Change, especially when it is for the better, is worth the time.  Here is why Cheddr is better…

  1. Save up to $600+ a year on fees you are paying to other scheduling companies, that’s right bottom line dollars which is equivalent to $4,000 in sales if you are at 15% profit margin
  2. Make a schedule up to 75 times faster with the use of this app
  3. Save up to 4% in labor expenses if you are not already using a scheduling tool -National Restaurant Association
  4. Reduce the cost of turnover, 61% of employees who left a job cited poor scheduling and lack of communication-
  5. Don’t be caught off guard by the cost of your payroll, CheddrSuite gives you an estimated total cost once your schedule is created
  6. Never be understaffed again, CheddrSuite allows you to add events and holidays (3 day weekends) to your calendar which show up as alerts for the week you are creating a schedule for
  7. When you integrate your POS with CheddrSuite you will be able to see your historical sales data which will allow you to make a schedule inline with your sales


Click here and start saving TODAY

Click here for our a how to video: Create a schedule using CheddrSuite


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