The Most Powerful Restaurant Marketing

The Most Powerful Restaurant Marketing

We have apati inside shot sbll heard of word of mouth marketing and the power it has to influence consumer’s decisions.  In fact Yelp has made a fortune on leveraging this.  According to Nielsen, “92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising.”  It is an amazing time we live in with so much information at our finger tips.  Armies of customers ready to share their every bite and sip should be advertising for you for FREE.  There is one catch, is your brand image and establishment one that people will want to share and align their personal brand with?

Gone are the days where people will patron a restaurant for a delicious meal.  Customers now associate their personal brand with that of businesses they support.  Yes if you create an identity that customers will want to check in at, Snap out or post then not only will you enjoy their business but you will stand to benefit from the word of mouth they share with their network, which can be incredibly expansive.

The key is how you create a brand that will inspire your customers to share.  It can be one or a combination of these items; killer ambiance, environmentally responsible operation, quality food that is healthy or unique or great deals/specials. Your logo and social media channels need to be up to caliber if you want them to tag you.

You should start this process by asking yourself and your staff, “is my business one that someone would be proud to show all their family, friends and acquaintance they support?”  If the answer is no then get to work on the list shared above.  If the answer is yes then you move to phase two of making sure your social channels are dialed in.  We will focus on the main social channels for now.


Snapchat filters are relatively easy to set up.  If you keep your geographic area to the size of your location and then extend it out to the closest foot traffic path (depending on how close this may be) you will not spend much.  Your filter can be a simple one or a involved one depending on your graphic design ability.  To find out how to set this area and promote your brand follow the link above.


ppIf you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account, get one.  Make sure to spend some time getting a quality logo uploaded so when a customer wants to tag you they can select the correct business and are proud to have your logo on their selfie or food pic.  If you haven’t gotten started with Instagram check out Patxi’s Pizza they are one of our favorites with an amazing following and great mix of posts.

With the recent acquisition of Instagram by Facebook you will be able to do promotions and advertisements for either or both of these channels in one place.

If you master these items then expect to be very busy.  This is where restaurant management software can assure you are taking the largest percent of those sales to your bottom line.  Create a schedule 75 times faster and save up to 5% in labor with our scheduling tool.  Save up to 4% in food expenses with our inventory tool.  On average customers have been able to eliminate up to 4 operational apps by using and all for $49.00 a month.   Visit our site today to start your free trial.