Training Your Restaurant Team

Training your Restaurant Team If you are anything like me, when you hear the word training you instantly wonder how much is this going to cost and how long will it take?  I was thinking about why this is my response to something that should be very important to my operation.   Not only can it […]

Restaurant Marketing Worksheet

Every great marketing plan starts with planning.  You can spend a lot of money fast and get very little return if you don’t do your homework.  Here are some worksheets to get you on your way to a successful marketing strategy. Trade Area Survey You will begin by filling out the Trade Area Survey as […]

New Employee Evaluation Form

We have been there, in fact I don’t know a restaurant that has not hired out of need and had a new employee up and on the schedule with little to no training.  Evaluating an employee after they have joined your team can help you assure that the new employee is a good fit for […]

How to Promote Your Restaurant for Valentines Day

Why should you LOVE Valentine’s Day?  Well look at the numbers below!  You should definitely not skimp on planning or promoting. The average annual Valentine’s Day spending is $ 13.19 billion dollars. Amount that average consumer spends on Valentine’s Day is $ 116.21 61.8 % of consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day 34.6 % of consumers who celebrate Valentine’s […]

Alcohol Management Program

Managing your alcohol program is a very important task.  It is imperative to limiting your liability exposure and loss prevention. is restaurant management software that is designed by restaurant owners.  We understand the challenges that you are faced with regarding branding, staffing, training and risk management.  We can help you run a better more profitable restaurant today. […]

How to Calculate Food Cost

Using a Food Cost Calculator WHO:  Restaurant management should know what their food cost is on a daily basis. WHAT:  A food cost calculator is a tool that utilizes a simple mathematical equation.  You can calculate your food cost by using a standard calculator, excel sheet, or online tool. EXAMPLE: Menu Item:  2 Cheese Enchiladas […]